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My collecting began when my grandfather passed away and I was assisting in emptying his house.  I started to find miscellaneous items from Cities Service, such as handy oilers, oil cans, and a pair of coveralls.  I soon learned he was an employee of Cities Service and worked at a distribution center in central Illinois.  This prompted my introduction into the gas & oil (petro) collector scene.  My area of focus then spread to Sweney oil items because Sweney was based out of Peoria, IL which was the closest local oil company to where I live.  I also started collecting a couple Chevrolet items because I was raised, and still am, a die-hard Chevrolet driver/owner.  

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Gas pumps, porcelain signs, oil cans... I am a collector primarily of gas & oil related memorabilia such as these, but more specifically items from Cities Service & Sweney oil company, Also Chevrolet items, gas pumps, & other gas station related items. In order to support & supplement this hobby/addiction, I often buy more than I need and offer it for sale to others.  This website is used to showcase the items I find for my collection, as well as, the ones I intend to sell for others' collections.

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